Discovery Set

Discover our first collection of scents – The Altered States Collection – six supersensory fragrances that inspire, awaken, and activate. The collection aims to enrich your life with the essence of a sacred ceremony – a moment to connect to yourself. Paired with thoughtfully composed affirmations and original frequency music, they invite you to reconnect with yourself and assist you on your path toward remembrance, well-being, and wisdom.

The scents

The Opening EdP: A soft woody scent that evokes a grounding feeling and lays the ground for new discoveries with notes of cardamom, violet, and sandalwood.
The High EdP: A green, airy scent that connects you to your true nature and evokes the feeling of freedom and bliss with notes of litsea, verbena, and modern woods. 
The Light EdP: A soft citrus scent that enlightens and uplifts, combining pink pepper, rose, and cashmere wood into a comforting embrace of warmth.
The Element EdP: A sweet, playful scent that weaves together lychee and caramel with elemi and tonka bean, creating a spark of creativity and joy.
The Flavor EdP: A refreshingly indulgent, fruity experience that enhances moments of pleasure with coconut, mango, and pineapple.
The Vibration EdP: A romantic floral scent that evokes the magnetic feeling of love with a blend of peach, Bulgarian rose, and sandalwood. 

Good to know

NEH's Eau de Parfum Discovery Set features 6 x 2.5 ml vials of captivating scents from the Altered States Collection: The Opening, The High, The Light, The Element, The Flavor, and The Vibration. This discovery set is redeemable against any NEH 100 ml fragrance purchase within 4 weeks. Once your discovery set purchase is complete, you will receive via email a unique voucher code valued at 495 SEK to be used on

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A 2.5ml complimentary sample from the collection
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Combining principles of neuroscience with healing modalities, music, and master perfumery, The Altered States Collection is curated for you to tap into your emotions, positively impacting both your mind and your mood. For the full Altered States Experience, spray your scent while you play the associated sounds below.

Your daily practice

Repeat these affirmations daily to tap into your emotions, awaken and access a heightened sense of presence and well-being.

Sound ceremony

Immerse yourself in a healing soundscape and reconnect with your true essence.

Welcome to the world of NEH

Where master perfumery meets mindfulness. In this video portrait, our founder Taraneh Derakshan shares the story behind why she started NEH and her intention behind the brand.

Behind the scents

Exploring concepts within mindfulness, self-healing, and neuroscience, our scents are created to empower, activate and heal.