Taraneh Derakshan

Meet the perfumer

Tara Derakshan, the visionary behind scent discovery service Sniph, recognizes the profound power of scent – its capacity to elevate moods, strengthen identities, and improve just about all aspects of life. With NEH, this transformative potential is further unveiled.

The inspiration behind NEH stems from an introspective journey ignited by her participation in a sacred plant ceremony in 2019. This marked the onset of a profound awakening journey that reconnected Tara to her birth name, Taraneh, letting her reclaim parts of herself that she had forgotten. The experience awoke the need to encapsulate practices and tools as a way to reconnect with her authentic self on a daily basis.

NEH is a way of sharing the impact of these tools and encounters, extending an invitation to others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. A journey propelled forward by the belief that when we share our light, it is amplified in others.

The atelier in Paris

The Altered States Collection is a close collaboration with the renowned noses at fragrance atelier Flair Paris: scents made of high-quality, largely natural, raw materials, created to recall your true essence.