Meet Taraneh: Founder of NEH

Creator of the scent-discovery platform SNIPH, Tara Derakshan is no stranger to curating, showcasing, and working with the best scents the perfume industry has to offer. In her latest business venture, the Stockholm-based perfume connoisseur grows from within and embarks on the launch of her own perfume house NEH. 

Known as Tara, Derakshan’s full name is Taraneh, which gives name to her new passion project. NEH – pronounced like the French word for nose, "nez" –  is a perfume house where master perfumery meets mindfulness and is inspired by the transformative power of scent. Each perfume is meant to help you awaken and remember your true essence, through the evocative power of scent,  the  house invites you to uncover yourself – over and over again.

As an accredited self-healing therapist and yoga nidra instructor, two means of guiding people into their subconscious worlds and helping them access their true essence, Taraneh leads us all on a journey of remembrance through the power of scent.

Led by the philosophy that one’s outer worlds are a reflection of one’s inner beliefs, thoughts and emotions, Taraneh has created NEH as an invitation to transcend the physical and journey within for a scented journey of self exploration, self empowerment and sweet transformation for your mind, body and soul.

Fragrances are messengers: a way to bring you into the moment. Let your nose help you bridge the divide between the ordinary and the extraordinary, make room to listen to your soul, and enter the portal to a journey fueled by the will to come full circle. A journey propelled forward by the belief that when we share our light, it is amplified in others.