Welcome to the world of NEH

NEH is a perfume house where master perfumery meets mindfulness – a carefully curated scent experience that transcends the physical and connects wearers with their intuition through the sense of smell. 

Inspired by the transformative power of scent, NEH invites you on a journey back to wholeness. Our house is deeply rooted in personal healing and the desire to infuse your everyday life with practices aligning with your highest self. 

Our first collection of scents – The Altered States Collection – embodies six supersensory fragrances that inspire, awaken, and activate. The collection aims to enrich your life with the essence of a sacred ceremony – a moment to connect with yourself, as each carefully crafted fragrance carries a unique intention and energy. 

Paired with thoughtfully composed affirmations and mood-enhancing sounds, they invite you to reconnect with yourself and assist you on your path toward remembrance, well-being, and wisdom.
Fragrances are messengers: a way to bring you into the moment. Let your nose help you bridge the divide between the ordinary and the extraordinary, make room to listen to your soul, and enter the portal to a journey fueled by the will to come full circle. Enter a scented world of self-discovery, reflection and sweet transformation.