The NEH Philosophy: Perfumes designed for wholeness and transformation

The NEH Philosophy: Perfumes designed for wholeness and transformation

Welcome to the world of NEH, where the art of perfumery is seamlessly blended with the principles of mindfulness and personal growth. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into the philosophy and inspirations behind NEH's debut collection, "The Altered States," with insights directly from its visionary founder Taraneh Derakshan. NEH's approach to fragrance is more than just about pleasant scents; it's about creating a holistic experience that fosters personal growth and inner peace. By integrating scent, sound, and positive affirmations, NEH, under the guidance of Taraneh Derakshan, encourages us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, reminding us of the power of our senses in our daily lives.

What do you mean with wholeness?

Wholeness in the context of NEH refers to a state of integrated self – where mind, body, and spirit are aligned. Our scents aim to support this alignment by evoking memories, stimulating senses, and encouraging introspection and self-acceptance.

Your first collection of scents is called “The Altered States” – what's the meaning behind this?

The Altered States refers to a shift in perception and the exploration of different states of consciousness – a shift from our ordinary mental state to one of heightened awareness and connection with ourselves and the world around us. In this context, The Altered States are the deeper layers of self-enhancing mindfulness and self-discovery our scents intend to help access. Each of the six supersensory fragrances carries a unique intention and energy meant to inspire, awaken, and activate. Paired with thoughtfully composed affirmations and mood-enhancing sounds, they invite you to reconnect with yourself and assist you on your path toward remembrance, well-being, and wisdom.

What is the purpose of remembering in the context of NEH?

In the context of NEH, remembering is about reconnecting with forgotten parts of ourselves. Our fragrances are crafted to evoke these memories and feelings, helping individuals recall and embrace their identities and experiences.

The Altered States collection revolves around the subconscious and manifestations – tell us about this!

Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that, when repeated, foster a positive mindset, enhance self-esteem, and help you form new, empowering pathways on your journey to wholeness. Acting on a subliminal level, they reach places the logical mind can’t reach, extending deep into your subconscious – helping you manifest your desired reality. This collection leverages the power of scent, sound, and empowering affirmations to tap into the subconscious, where our deepest thoughts, beliefs, and desires reside. By aligning our fragrance experience with our intentions, we manifest these desires into reality, using scent as a catalyst for personal and spiritual transformation.

What is the purpose of having rituals and ceremonies in daily life?

Rituals and ceremonies transform everyday actions into meaningful practices that nurture the spirit and focus the mind. We believe that these practices can anchor you in the present, enrich your spiritual well-being, and reinforce your connection to your inner self.


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