The NEH Experience: How to begin your journey

The NEH Experience: How to begin your journey

The Altered States Collection is curated for you to tap into your emotions, positively impacting both your mind and your mood. Each of the scents in the collection are accompanied by affirmations*, a message of remembrance, a daily practice, and mood-enhancing sounds. Together, they help open the door to a heightened sense of presence and well-being. Each journey is unique – to get the most out of yours, follow these steps:

1. Initiate your journey by scanning the QR code on your bottle. This takes you to a page containing all you need for you to embark on your Altered States experience.

2. Immerse yourself in the full story by spraying a scent and playing the associated sound.

3. Read the remembering and listen to the affirmations that accompany the scent. Take a moment to center yourself, reflect, and feel.

4. Repeat every day and enjoy an intimate ceremony with your inner self. ​​

*Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that, when repeated, foster a positive mindset, enhance self-esteem, and help you form new, empowering pathways on your journey to wholeness. Acting on a subliminal level, they reach places the logical mind can’t go, extending deep into your subconscious – helping you manifest your desired reality.


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Discover our first collection of scents – The Altered States Collection – six supersensory fragrances that inspire, awaken, and activate.

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