NEH Perfumes: a scented journey of self-discovery

NEH Perfumes: a scented journey of self-discovery

In this editorial post, we sat down with the visionary founder of NEH, Tara Derakshan, to explore the inspirations and aspirations behind her unique perfume house. We delved into the origins of NEH, the personal journey that led Tara to create a brand interweaving mindfulness, music, and scent, and her vision for a transformative fragrance experience.

Why did you start NEH?

"I started NEH to bring the transformative power of scent into sharper focus, building on my experiences at Sniph. After a profound personal awakening during a sacred plant ceremony in 2019, I was inspired to create a perfume house that bridges the art of perfumery with self-healing and mindfulness, enabling others to discover their path to self-awareness and transformation."

What does NEH mean?

"NEH comes from the last three letters of my birth name, Taraneh – which I reconnected with during a plant ceremony in 2019. NEH, pronounced like the French word for nose, 'Nez' – and Taraneh means 'melody' – a serendipitous connection to our house and its blend of mindfulness, music, and scent!"

What is the inspiration behind NEH?

"NEH is deeply inspired by my journey towards self-discovery and reconnecting with my essence, which began with rediscovering my full name, Taraneh. The brand intertwines my evolution with the universal power of scent to evoke memories, emotions, and personal identity work."

What is the driving force for you as a scent creator?

"The driving force is the ability to make an impact by creating scents that not only evoke emotions but also serve as tools for self-discovery and transformation. I am passionate about merging olfactory art with therapeutic practices to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being."

What is your vision for the future of NEH?

"My vision for NEH is to establish it as a pioneering force in the world of perfumery, where each fragrance is not just a scent but a tool for personal growth and mindfulness. I see NEH expanding its reach, helping individuals around the world to embrace their inner journey through the power of scent. Ultimately, I want to spread more love through NEH, knowing that everything starts with the journey of the self."

What do you hope people take away from their encounter with NEH?

"I hope that people find a sanctuary in NEH. A space where they can explore their inner landscape, reconnect with their true selves, and experience the therapeutic benefits of scent in their journey toward wholeness. Each fragrance and its accompanying rituals are designed to facilitate a journey of self-exploration, empowerment, and transformation."

What does the creative process look like when you create your scents?

"The creative process begins with reflection on the emotional or spiritual dimension I want to explore. From there, I work closely with master perfumers at Flair Paris to select natural, high-quality ingredients that resonate with these themes, ensuring each fragrance reflects its intended effect and feels harmonious and luxurious. The process has been intuitive and collaborative, rooted in trust and love. Each expert involved has brought all of themselves into this project. Each 'aha' moment has led to another one!"


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